My Neighborhood

My Neighborhood is a democracy project at the City of Reykjavík where residents submit ideas for projects that they want to see become a reality in their neighborhoods. Voting in My Neighborhood took place from the 14th till the 28th of September 2023. The voting results in each neighborhood will be available here.

Projects timeline

1. Collection of ideas and interest survey
Time period: 22. september 2022 - 27. október 2022
The collection of ideas for My Neighborhood 2022-2023 took place from September 22 to October 27, 2022. You can view the ideas that were submitted to the collection of ideas below.
2. Review of ideas
Time period: 1. nóvember 2022 - 30. mars 2023
The ideas are reviewed after the idea collection finishes. A committee of experts within the administration reviews all submitted ideas and assesses whether they comply with project rules. When evaluating ideas, project staff look for any means of modifying ideas so that they can be voted on.
3. Preparation for voting
Time period: 3. apríl 2023 - 31. ágúst 2023
The ballot is lined up after the review and 25 ideas are selected for the voting in Reykjavik’s districts. Of approved ideas, 15 of the most popular ideas in each district will automatically move forward. The district’s residents’ council then selects 10 more ideas. The ideas then undergo an initial design for the vote where a project description is written for the idea, a final location is found, and the cost is estimated.
4. Electronic voting
Time period: 14. september 2023 - 28. september 2023
The voting takes place on and 25 ideas are available in the voting in each district. The voting takes place on a website where the user identifies himself securely (with IceKey or electronic ID). Participation is open to anyone who turns 15 in the year of the voting and has a legal residence in Reykjavík.
5. Implementation
Not started
Time period: 2. október 2023 - 30. ágúst 2024
After the voting, the design of projects and the preparation for implementation takes place, along with consultation with the local community before the ideas that were voted are implemented. Efforts are made to consult with designers and residents' councils regarding the implementation of projects, especially in cases where ideas or their locations need to be changed. Creators of ideas are invited to a consultation meeting with the My Neighborhood project management where they can explain their idea in more detail.