The closeness to the sea, Ægisíðan and Eiðsgrandi is one of the main characteristics of the neighborhood. The neighborhood is in many ways very connected to both the city center and the sea. Don't forget Vesturbæjarlaug, which is hugely popular, and KR, which has deep and strong roots among the residents of the neighborhood.

What conditions does the idea have to meet?

Meta þarf hvort hugmyndir falli að skilyrðum verkefnisins og séu framkvæmanlegar.
  • It must be a new implementation – maintenance and safety projects are directed elsewhere.
  • It cannot cost more money than the district is allocated.
  • It must be feasible within the project time frame - meaning by the end of 2024.
  • It must adhere to the planning and stated strategy of Reykjavik City.
  • It may not require significant operational expenses, such as for staffing or monitoring with security cameras.
  • It must fall within Reykjavik City’s mandate
  • It must be in an open space and on City land.
  • It must comply with laws and regulations.

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